Oil & energy crisis in the 1980s, has encouraged top management of PT Wijaya Karya (WIKA) decided to get in on industrial products that save energy and use renewable energy (renewable energy) to support government programs to reduce the increased use of and dependence on fossil energy (oil and gas) that were increasingly scarce and increasingly expensive. It is believed at the time that the products that utilize renewable energy and environmentally friendly trend and will become the favorite in the depan.Dimulai business in 1987, the engineers who joined the Equipment Division WIKA in Industry (DPI) in collaboration with several technical experts from ITB and BPPT successfully design concept and product design Solar Water Heaters (Pats) / Solar water Heater (SWH) orientation for the hot water needs of the household segment. Furthermore this product was introduced and marketed to the public in 1998 with a brand WIKA SWH. WIKA SWH applications for industry segments with a large capacity has been started since 1992 as well.

WIKA Group works of innovation in energy-efficient products continue to roll, and in 1992 dilauncingnya WIKA products Aircon Water Heater (AWH WIKA), the water heater that uses the energy from waste heat recovery outdoor unit Air Conditioning (AC), which is the heat energy wasted. This product concept Two in One, AC will produce cold air to the room and simultaneously at the same time heating the water without increasing the cost of energy for household use. WIKA AWH applications for industry segments with a large capacity has been started as well since 1993 WIKA Group 2003.Pada era re-develop their work in providing products that utilize renewable energy with the advent of WIKA products Photovoltaic (PV WIKA), the application technology of solar panels that harness solar energy is converted into electrical energy as a power supply home lighting, street lighting, pumps and other electrical equipment applications. In 1995, the existence of WIKA products, PT Wijaya Karya PV actively participated in the project RNS, namely foreign aid project aimed at accelerating the deployment and pemeratan electricity nationally.

1. UMUM ( ALL PRODUCT )- 1995 : Certification of ISO 9000 International Quality Management

  • 1999 : Certification National Indonesia (SNI) OHSAS Certification
  • 2011 : WIKA product was awarded as “TOP BRAND
  • 2011 : Water Heater category for Marketing Magazine and Frontier Consulting Marketing


  • 1997 : Prime Export to Cyprus
  • 2000 – present : Market Leader in solar water heating industry with a market share (market share) 38.6% nationwide
  • 2005 : Scoping Export to Vietnam & United Arab Emirates (UAE)
  • 1988 – 2010 : Has sold 60,000 units and fitted scattered in 34 provinces in Indonesia, and some areas of export destination
  • 2011 : Tank Manufacturing Facility Investment Enamel tank capacity of 30,000 per year


  • 1992 : Pioner Aircon Water Heater products in Indonesia and the Asean region
  • 1992 – present : Market Leader in industrial energy use hot water heater flue air conditioner with a market share (market share) 46.6% nationwide
  • 1992 – 2010 : Has sold 20,000 units and fitted scattered in 18 provinces in Indonesia


  • 1993 : One of the pioneering application of Photo Voltaic products in Indonesia
  • 1995 – 1997 : Incorporated in the RNS, the first government project for the application of foreign aid Photovoltaic (Solar Home System) which aims to accelerate
  • distribution and electricity pemeratan nationally.
  • 2003 – present : Active in Government projects in the Energy Ministry of Human Resources (EMR), Ministry of Rural Development of Disadvantaged (PDT), the Ministry of Transmigration, Ministry of Home Affairs, CSR projects SOEs, and private
  • 2009 – present : Competence development of Solar Power Generation (PLTS) Centralized and Hybrid systems

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